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By Willa Okati

ISBN-10: 1595967281

ISBN-13: 9781595967282

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Maybe not the kind of action a bounty hunter would usually take, though. Elizabeth licked her lips again, imagining Killian fucking her own face instead of Roan’s. Tangy, bittersweet salt flavor, solid weight, gorgeous strong hands tangled in tresses of hair, utter surrender mixed with incomparable delight. Killian groaned, tilting his head back in abandon. “Good. Oh, aye, he’s got a wonderful way about him when it comes to sucking a man off. ” He flickered a sly glance at Elizabeth. ” Elizabeth’s pussy clenched, moisture beginning to spread out and dampen her silk-encased thighs.

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Elizabeth snapped. ” “You didn’t follow orders? Joe…” Willa Okati Elven Escapades - 31 - “They were getting rowdy,” Joe whined. ” And that’d be such a shame. They’re probably so small he’d better hang on to what he’s got. “You think I care? In the future, you follow orders. ” “I thought you told him to pay a visit to management and secure information on all the other fine women there,” Killian remarked. ” Joe demanded. ” “The natives are restless. Never mind them. ” Joe snorted. “You taught me that lesson a long time ago.

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